Behind the Scenes on the Set of Deep Six

Every day is a new adventure, on the set of Deep Six! I am thankful for the rare opportunity to be able to share some of the details of this project as we go along!

A peek inside the creepy cool Med Lab, which had a very short but sweet life! Props & set dress directed by the talented cool cat, Allie Thompson! She has been so kind and amazing guiding me through the ins and outs of the prop master position, I am so thankful to have the pleasure of working with and learning from her.
I made the holster with the tools on the right side of the wall!

Inside the amazing space ship, built and designed by the man of all trades, our Production Designer, Sebastian, who was kind enough to trust me with completing the job, and adding the finishing details inside the ship. It is truly inspiring to be around so many people who are keen to fed your curiosity and desire to learn,

Team Art taking a minute to enjoy a glass of wine on a Friday night, after a long day of work! Every day is a pleasure working with these folks, couldn't ask for a better team!!

Launching from 2017 to 2251

I couldn't possibly be more excited to start the year embarking on a project so incredible, inspired and aligned with so many things I am passionate about, I couldn't possibly have imagined it myself.
I have the immense pleasure of working for the powerhouse art department team on the upcoming series, Deep Six.
Deep Six is a hard science fiction story by Director Davin Lengyel about a realistic perilous space scenario involving the first attempt at recolonization on another planet 200 years in the future. Using models and practical effects, this series looks to put the science back in science fiction. With heavyweight technical advisors such as astrophysicist Jaymie Matthews and unrivalled author and space historian Rob Godwin, who co wrote a book with aerospace engineer Frederick I. Ordway III, who just happens to have been the technical advisor for 2001: A Space Odyssey, this production has CLEARLY got something very serious going on. 
You could say it was written in the stars! Two days in, and I am already in heaven! Making practical, functional things with precise detail and instructions, it really is a dream. My totally random skills have amounted to being the perfect combination for a project like this! I am humbled and so thankful to get a chance to work in the film & tv industry, at is has long been an aspiration for me to take part in the magical world of storytelling.
I look forward to learning a lot, collaborating with a talented team, using my skills in a much broader scope and sharing it with you!

It's space, no big deal..

It's space, no big deal..