A Mirror Ball Hair Portrait of Noel Fielding

I among many others am a die hard fan of The Mighty Boosh, if you haven't seen it and you like obscure, surreal humour, I suggest you waste no time. Howard and so many of the bizarre characters, especially Old Gregg, have a special place in all of our hearts, and I think most of us would be happy to drink Bailey's with him. 
That being said, I was inspired to do a portrait of Noel, who is also an artist, a fellow amazing boot advocate and all around champion of fashion. His approach to art and the costumes on Luxury Comedy have a very welcoming and approachable feeling to them, making the idea of creating feel less restricted and much more fun and fluid. A refreshing and unique reminder to take art and life much less seriously in the best way possible. Thanks Fantasy Man for fighting Reality Man for us all!
Also this stand up clip featuring his perspective of a house fly is one of my faves, you'll never look at a fly the same way!

Detail Crop

Full View