Stanley Kubrick Exhibit Makes Canadian Debut at TIFF!

The countdown begins to much anticipated arrival of the Stanley Kubrick Exhibition at the TIFF Bell Lightbox! I am terribly excited to be making my 5th collection exclusively for TIFF and could not ask for a more exciting source of inspiration than the life and films of Stanley Kubrick. With most of Kubrick's films came controversy from the honesty of paths of glory, the taboo topics of Lolita and Dr Strangelove's comedic depiction of those who control the fate of our future to the street gang inspired violence from Clockwork Orange causing Kubrick to have the film pulled from UK distribution for 27 years.

There are many unique insights into Kubrick's films, so many in fact that an entire documentary has been made just to discuss various speculated meanings behind the changes Kubrick made to Stephen Kings The Shining.  Room 237 posits a wide array of theories, from the story representing the holocaust, the slaughter of Native Americans and cold war tensions. Also featured in the doc is Jay Weidner's theory that Kubrick was telling the story of his own decent into madness after filming the Apollo moon landing and making 2001 simultaneously, which also has it's own documentary, Kubrick's Odyssey. A wild theory that I will not argue as my general agnostic beliefs allow me to view it with as much of an open mind as any theory out there. Jay Weidner's second film Beyond the Infinite gave me some fascinating insight into the depth of 2001. Everyone who saw 2001 knew they had witnessed something incredible, moving and all encompassing but to pin definite ideas to it proved an understatement. I recommend this documentary to anyone interested in Kubrick, Nietzsche or the Occult.

My collection will focus mainly on Clockwork Orange, The Shining and 2001. After watching all Kubrick's films recently, it feels a shame to leave anything out, however that is editing. If I took anything away from this viewing experience, it is a refreshed idea of the importance of the editing process. As Kubrick made 12 full length pictures in all his 40 + years of film making, I intend to make a limited selection of incredibly desirable pieces.