My illustrative style was heavily defined through much conscious effort, as an underwhelmed teenager living in Niagara Falls, Ontario. It was inevitable, with my natural inclination towards drawing & anti authoritarian teenage beliefs, that I decided I wanted to be a tattoo artist.
I was hanging out at the local tattoo shop, constantly taking advice from the artists and spent most of my time refining my designs, perfecting clean crisp lines. My surroundings defined my style and set me on my path towards my apprenticeship here in Toronto. For several years I worked as an artist designing tattoos and related artwork.

With strong influences ranging from Films, Comic Books, Anime and Golden Age characters to Art Deco and Victorian embellishments and erotica. I borrow from the lush detail of early to mid century design and blend those elements with perception of the pesent. A stylistic seesaw between the gruesome features and details of fantasized pedestrians and glamorous, fashionable pin ups.